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Richmond's Llano (23rd) and Wilson (41st) at USA 15K Championships

Richmond's Matt Llano and Jon Wilson traveled south to Jacksonville, Florida during spring break to compete in the 2011 USATF 15K National Championships on March 12th. The Gate River Run enters its 34th year and has established itself as the largest 15K (9.3 miles) race in the USA.

This year the 15K national championship race included 14,972 runners. The event also included a 5K and kids races increasing the total participation to over 20,000 runners. The race served as the men's and women's national championships again this year and arguably boasted the deepest invited field in its 34 year history. (BFM photos)

Richmond's Matt Llano on the starting line of the USA 15K Championships.

Jon Wilson ready to start the 2011 Gate River Run which served as the USATF National 15K Championships.

Athletes warmed-up under nearly ideal conditions with no wind and cool temperatures in the upper 40's. Matt lined up next to Anthony Famiglietti...the man known to "Run Like Hell" in his documentary.

Llano next to Mo Trafeh. Trafah goes on to win the race with a time of 42:58...He also won the USA 1/2 Marathon Championships in February by outkicking Ryan Hall on the streets of Houston, Texas. His winning time in Houston was 1:02:17.

"Runners Set" for the start of the 34th running of the Gate River Run. Matt Llano (3rd from right) is surrounded by 60 invited runners and a total of 14,972 participants. It really was a true national championship with race organizers getting a large number of our nations elite athletes to compete. Most were attracted by an excellent prize money structure which included a check worth $17,000 going to the race winner.

...And they're off...14,972 runners take over the streets of Jacksonville, Florida participating in the 15K race which started and finished outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium...

After a 4:41 opening mile, Spider senior Matt Llano (right...in red top) is shown passing 2 miles in 9:15...Mo Trafeh threw in a 4:21 mile after passing 1 mile in 4:40. That move separated the field. Trafeh held the lead for the remainder of the race.

After his first mile of 4:45, Jon Wilson ran a 4:53 to go through 2 miles in 9:38... Wilson is showing excellent form going into the outdoor season. 8 months of good healthy and consistent training is showing in races and workouts.

Matt Llano passing the 10K mark in 29:44...
Matt's splits through 10K were...1 Mile- 4:41...2 miles- 9:15 (4:34)...3 Miles- 13:59 (4:44)...5K-14:32...4 miles-18:52 (4:53)...5 Miles- 23:44 (4:53)...6 Miles-28:40 (4:56)...10K-29:44...

Jon Wilson passed the 10K mark in 31:12...
Jon's splits through 10K were...1 Mile- 4:45...2 miles- 9:38 (4:53)...3 Miles- 14:40 (5:01)...5K-15:12...4 miles-19:47 (5:07)...5 Miles- 24:55 (5:07)...6 Miles- 30:06 (5:10)...10K-31:12...

Matt on the "Green Monster" which is the name given to the ominous bridge that towers over the city of Jacksonville. Racers climb the bridge at roughly 8 miles into the 15K (9.3 miles) race. Named by a runner years ago, the bridge lingers on the horizon during the race. It's a constant reminder throughout of what is to come later on.

Llano...continues UP the Green Monster...

Wilson climbing the Green Monster...Matt and Jon said that it was not nearly the "monster" they thought it would be. "Old Gun Road" near campus prepared them for what they were to face.

Llano approaches the finish. He placed 23rd in the USA 15K National Championship race with an official time of 45:12. That's an average of 4:52 per mile for the event (9.3 miles).

Wilson also ran an excellent race. Here he approaches the end of the Green Monster's exit ramp, just 400M from the finish. He placed 41st with a 15K time of 47:17. That's an average of 5:05 per mile for 9.3 miles.

Next up for Llano and Wilson will be Richmond's Fred Hardy Invitational to be held on the University of Richmond campus March 25 & 26, 2011.

Llano will run the 10K under the lights, an event he earned NCAA All-America honors in last year (He had a 2010 season best of 28:51.), while Jon Wilson will compete in the 3K on Saturday afternoon (March 26)... For a link to the time schedule for the Fred Hardy Invitational go HERE
Matt Llano's USA 15K Championships Splits through 10K
Mile 1 - 4:41
Mile 2 - 9:15
Mile 3 - 13:59
5k - 14:32
Mile 4 - 18:52
Mile 5 - 23:44
Mile 6 - 28:40ish
10k - 29:44
...additional splits are not available

Jon Wilson's USA 15K Championships Splits through entire race...
Mile 1 – 4:45.0
Mile 2 – 4:53.8 / 9:38.8
Mile 3 – 5:01.9 / 14:40.7

5k Split – 15:12.1

Mile 4 – 5:07.2 / 19:47.9
Mile 5 – 5:07.5 / 24:55.4
Mile 6 – 5:10.7 / 30:06.1

10k Split – 31:12.2 (16:00.1 5k-10k split)

Mile 7 – 5:10.5 / 35:16.6
Mile 8 – 5:20.2 / 40:36.8
Mile 9 – 5:07.7 / 45:44.5

Last .3 – 1:31.5

15k final time – 47:16.0 (16:03.8 10k-15k split)
------------------------(32:03.9 5k-15k split)

2011 Gate River Run RESULTS

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  1. Woo-hoo! Way to go Matt and Jonny! So proud of both of you-putting Richmond out there again! See you soon! Gail B.