Friday, March 16, 2012

Logan Venderlic's “Jerkwater Town” 2012 Music Video Debut

Logan Vinderlic's "Jerkwater Town"
music video debut was yesterday.
I find it really exciting that one of my former high school teachers (Denny & Kristi Venderlic) in St. Marys, West Virginia has a son who has a new music album coming out next month (April 2012).  In my opinion Logan's distinct voice and sound, somewhat similar to Mumford and Sons, are excellent and I look forward to the full release of his album

Our hometown is small but as he states the mountains always pull you home.  That's hard to explain unless you've lived there for a length of time or grown up there.  I've actually spent more of my life living in Virginia than West Virginia, yet my veins still run with the blood from the mountains and all they represent.  From the coal mine wars in the early 1900's that molded our state to the consistent fight West Virginian's are known for, it's unique and not found anywhere else that I've lived.  

Bare with me for a little history...Starting in the early 1900’s when huge coal deposits were found within the West Virginia mountains the coal companies were determined to prevent the miners from forming a Union and they were going to great lengths to ensure the Union never materialized. The 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest organized armed citizen uprising in American history. It is my strong belief those coal mine wars within our state are the reason nearly every native West Virginian even to this day bristle's when someone opposes our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Many people do not realize US Government Officials approved the bombing of its own citizen's, the West Virginia miners, during the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain in Logan County. You will not find much about it in the history books and thankfully between bad weather and ineptness the biplanes did not inflict serious casualties to the miners (for more information Google search The Battle of Matewan, The Battle of Blair Mountain and Don Chafin. And for a great movie I recommend the 1987 John Sayles film “Matewan”.). This is our history and it has helped mold and shape every family with a long West Virginia heritage…including my own (The Rawson’s and the Taylor’s).

Back to point...For me, music is about getting you to feel and connect with your personal experiences.  That can be different for each of us.  Logan's music captures some of that edge that I associate with my home and can apply to wherever you call home. Strong and direct-characteristics his family, friends and my hometown can be very proud of.  I know that I am...Everyone in our athletics department got a link to his video today.  I hope you will take a listen and support him as a musical artist.  His music video debut for "Jerkwater Town" is found clicking on the photo below...Check it out:  

Logan Vinderlic
You can also Pre-Order his album here:

Logan Venderlic Debut LP Pre-Order

Well done Logan!  Good luck with your album and playing the Bearcast Showcase tonight in Cincinnati (march 16, 2012)!

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