Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Mt SAC Relays (Day 1-Travel Day-April 13)

The traveling Spiders for the 2011 Mt SAC Relays...
(L-R) Matt Llano, Andrew Benford, Jill Prentice, Jenn Ennis,
Amy Van Alstine, Chris York, Ryan Lee, Beth Kelly, Heather Roush, Nicol Traynor...
Here the team poses at the track & field stadium
Watch the races on and FloTrack

Remember these races will start PST (3 hours later than the East Coast)...

Richmond Spiders racing Thursday (April 14)
----Jenn Ennis runs the 3K Steeple tonight at 6:30PM (PST)
----Beth Kelly the 10K at 9:22PM/10:00PM (PST)
----Chris York will run the 10K at 10:40PM (PST)...

Richmond Spiders competing Friday (April 15)----Heather Roush comptes in the Javelin Throw at 9:00AM (PST) and the Discus Throw at 6:00PM (PST).
----Amy Van Alstine and Nicol Traynor the 5K at 9:34PM (PST)
----Andrew Benford and Matt Llano the 5K at 9:52PM (PST)
----Jill Prentice in the 5K at 10:08PM (PST)
----Ryan Lee in the 5K at 11:34PM (PST)

Here are a few photos from DAY #1...our travel day to the Relays...

Andrew Benford, Matt Llano and Ryan Lee doing strides on Wednesday...
They each run the 5K Friday night..

Beth Kelly stretches before her prerace run on Wednesday..
She will run the 10K tomorrow..

Heather Roush ptting on her Javelin shoes...

Matt Llano steches outside the track....

A few throws for Roush...

Chris York will run the 10K tomorrow.  Here he gets in a couple strides.

Nicol Traynor and Jill Prentice will run the 5K on Friday night.

Amy Van Alstine will also run the 5K on Friday evening.

Jenn Ennis will run the 3K steeple...Here she, Coach Lori and Luke finish with her prerace.

Before going to the track we stopped in Hollywood for lunch...

The team wanted to go to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK).
They possed outside CPK witht he Hollywood sing in the background.
(L-R) Roush, Kelly, York, Lee, Ennis, Prentice, Van Alstine, Traynor, Benford, Llano and in front, Luke

Jamacian Jerk Pizza from CPK is pretty good.

The LA skyline from a rooftop on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood.

A pretty good place to watch the show..and a show it is.

Run Amy...Elmo is baaack!

A few Spiders on the rooftop...

A closer view of Spiders on the rooftop.

The "Bee Gee's" ...Oooohhh yeah!!!

Bruce Lee's movie "Enter The Dragon" has one of the best movie quotes ever.
"We Forge Our Bodies In the Fire of Our Will." --- Mr Hahn-Enter the Dragon

Luke and Lori found 1 famous person in Hollywood...

Luke running through the water in Hollywood.

Now listen...If you are going to dress up and try to hustle people for money
by dressing like a super hero you really should spend the extra $10 for a good costume....

...and if you rip the backside out...Trust me you really should
spend the extra 15 cents to get tread that matches your costume.

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