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Molz 13th in 2011 Monument Avenue 10K (April 2)

Richmond Spider Assistant Coach Jon Molz en route to placing 13th
at the 2011 UKROP's Monument Avenue 10K
Spider Assistant Coach Jon  Molz (UR '08) finished 13th out of 41,314 registered runners in the 2011 UKROPS Monument Avenue 10K.

Molz, running for New Balance-Richmond, was the 3rd USA runner and claimed the $500 prize as the top local finisher.

The streets of Richmond were alive with runners again this past Saturday morning for the 12th annual UKROP's Monument Avenue 10K.  The race continues to grow each and every year and this year was no exception with 41,314 registered runners for the event which takes place on the historic Monument Avenue in the city of Richmond.

The lead pack just passed the 2 mile mark...
as the pace quickened.
Assistant Track & Field and Cross Country Coach, Jon Molz was one of the 40,000 runners to make his way to the start line.  The morning was crisp with temperatures in the 40's and fairly calm winds for this time of the year. 

The race started at 8:30AM sharp with the leaders taking a slow, comfortable pace.  Molz went through the mile with the leaders in ~4:50 and followed with a similar 2nd mile as he passed 2 miles in 9:37.  From there the leaders forced the pace and picked it up.  At 5K Molz was 15:22 and in 13th place.  He continued down Monument Avenue maintaining his effort to finish in 31:06 and securing 13th place.  He was the 3rd USA born runner and the top local finisher.

This year prize money was awarded to the top three men and women that live and train in the Richmond area. Molz (31:06) was over 1 minute ahead of 2nd place in this division of the race, with Jay Wyss (32:18), and Joey Wingo (32:20) claiming 2nd & 3rd on the men’s side.  For the female division, Maria Elena Calle (34:49), Rena Chesser (35:26), and Maureen Ackerly (38:01) won the prize money taking as the top 3 local finishers.

For more on on the race visit the Richmond Sports Backers site HERE.

2011 UKROPS Monument Avenue 10K
April 2


1) JULIUS KOGO--------25----KENYA----------------14:54---29:02
2) TESFAYE DUBE------27----KENYA-----------------14:53---29:07
3) ABIYOT ENDALE----24----ETHIOPIA--------------14:54---29:18
4) KUMSA ADUGNA---24----KENYA-----------------14:55---29:19
5) NICHOLAS KURGAT-31---KENYA-----------------14:54---29:24
6) ELKANAN KIBET----24----KENYA-----------------14:53---29:25
7) KIPYEGON KIRUI----30----KENYA-----------------14:54---29:26
8) DENIBOBA DERESE--28---ETHIOPIA---------------14:54---29:43
9) KETEMA NIGUSSE---30----KENYA-----------------14:54---29:43
10) RICKY FLYNN------23----LYNCHBURG VA------14:55---29:53
11) RYAN SHEEHAN----27---KALAMAZOO MI-------14:57---30:07
12) ADAM HORTIAN----26---CANADA-----------------15:20--30:46
13) JON MOLZ---------24----RICHMOND VA-------15:22--31:06
14) BRIAN FULLER------24---CAMP HILL PA----------15:39--31:56
15) ALEX GROUT--------24---WILLIAMSBURG VA----16:21---32:14
16) JAY WYSS-----------24---RICHMOND VA----------16:21---32:18
17) JOEY WINGO--------24---MECHANICSVILLE VA--16:22---32:21
18) RYAN CARROLL----28---PORTSMOUTH VA-------16:22---32:52
19) TIM RUSTERHOLZ--23---PHILADELPHIA PA-------16:22---32:54

At 3 1/2 miles the lead vehicle spewed smoke onto the course...
Just want you want in the middle of a race.

By 4 mile the over-all race was down to 4 men.

Jon Molz, running for New Balance-Richmond
was the 3rd USA born runner.

Molz approaching 4 miles.

And then came the masses...
My sister-in-law (Lynn Van Horn) and nephew (Jordan)
ran together. Here they are passing 4 miles.

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