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Richmond at the 2011 Atlantic 10 Conference Track & Field Championships (May 7-8)

Amy Van Alstine on her way to a new A-10 Meet Record,
UNC-Charlotte Facility Record and
Richmond Program Record in the 1500M (4:19:38) (photos by Dan Petty)
Amy VanAlstine was named the "2011 Most Outstanding Track Performer" of the Atlantic 10 Conference. She won both the 1500M (4:19.36) in Meet Record Time and the 5K (16:39.56).

Tremayne Graham in the men's 200M...
He finished 3rd in the 100M final
and ran a lifetime best in the 100M trials of 10.62.

Matt Llano shown on his way to winning the 5000M.

Nicol Traynor (2nd), Amy Van Alstine (1st) and Jill Prentice (10th) 
hammering away in the 5000M. 
Charlotte's Amanda Goetschius (3rd) and LaSalle's Stephanie Bearish (17th)
are in the pack.

Amy Van Alstine and Nicol Traynor shadow
Charlotte's Amanda Goetschius in the 5000M...
The Spiders end sweeping the top 2 spots
Amy and Nicol get ready to move
with 800M remaining in the 5000M.

Amy Van Alstine pulled away with 200M remaining and
Nicol Traynor closed the final 100M to make it
a Spiders 1-2 sweep in the 5K

Matt Llano opened the 5K in 4:23 through the 1600M
with track temperatures soaring to 90 degrees.

After running 28:43.30 in the 10,000M on Sunday evening,
Llano cruised to victory in the 5000M (14:34.18) at the 2011 A-10 Championships.
Spider Freshman, Ryan Lee placed 4th (14:44.36).

Tremayne Graham receives the baton from
Darryl Hamilton in the 4x100M Relay. Our Spiders finished 9th.

Derek Mayo anchors the Spiders 4x100M Relay.
2011 Atlantic 10 Conference Track & Field Championships STATS:


The Atlantic 10 Conference Championships was the best ever...a great meet with 14 new meet records set (8 women's event records and 6 men's event records).

For our Spiders....
Amy VanAlstine was named "2011 Most Outstanding Track Performer" of the Atlantic 10 Conference. She won both the 1500M (4:19.36) in Meet Record Time and the 5K (16:39.56)...VanAlstine's 4:19.38 also broke Joan Nesbit's 1500M facility record set in 2000 (4:23.14).

Spiders Set 5 School Records...NEW RICHMOND RECORDS:
---Amy VanAlstine won the women's 1500M in 4:19.36...and broke Josephine White's record of 4:19.90 set in 1982
---Nicol Traynor ran 10:11.20 in the 3K Steeplechase...She broke her own record of 10:28.46 she set in 2009 (She redshirted in 2010)...
---X'auntasia Johnson jumped 12.08M in the women's Triple Jump...She broke Megan Ney's 2010 mark of 12.02M...
---Grace Gibson cleared 3.40M in the women's Pole Vault to break her own record of 3.35M set several times earlier this season...
---Monica Howard threw 49.86M in the Discus and broke her own record of 48.43M set last weekend at Penn Relays...

Spiders Set 2 Atlantic 10 Conference Meet Records:
NEW Atlantic 10 Conference MEET RECORD HOLDERS...
---Amy VanAlstine set a new meet record in the 1500M (4:19.38) and also broke Joan Nesbit's 1500M facility record set in 2000 (4:23.14)...
---Monica Howard set a meet record in the Women's Discus (49.86m)

Spiders Claimed 5 Atlantic 10 Conference Championship Ttitles:
---Amy VanAlstine won the 1500M (4:19.38) and the 5K (16:39.56)
---Monica Howard won the Women's Discus (49.86m)
---Heather Roush won the Women's Javelin (44.91m) and
---Matt Llano won the Men's 5K (14:34.18).

---Amy Van Alstine's 1500m splits: 67.3 at 400M..2:17.2 at 800M...3:27.8 at 1200M...and 4:19.38 finish (W's 1500M RESULTS) (1st Heat #1 and Overall......also broke previous Meet Record and Facility Record)
---Alli Mannon's 1500M Splits: 73.7/2:30.1/3:46.1/4:38.11 (1st Heat #2)
---Amanda Lineberry's 1500M Splits: 73.9/2:31.2/3:51.3/4:54.18 (8th Heat #2)
---Andrew Benford's 1500M Splits: 64.9/2:09.4/3:08.5/3:54.87 (10th Heat #3)
---Jason Skipper's 1500M Splits: 64.8/2:10.9/3:14.2/4:00.70 (1st Heat #1)
---Patrick Love's 1500M Splits: 65.2/2:11.4/3:18.4/4:11.03

--Amy Van Alstine's 5K splits:  77.6/2:38.3/3:59.2/5:22.1 at 1600m/6:43.8/8:05.9/9:27.8/10:07.6 at 3K/10:49.3 at 3200M/12:11.5/13:32.6/14:51.8/?/16:39.56 at 5K finish 
 --Nicol Traynor's 5K splits: 77.6/2:38.3/3:59.2/5:22.1 at 1600m/6:43.8/8:06.1/9:27.8/10:07.6 at 3K/10:49.3 at 3200M/12:11.6/13:32.6/14:51.8/?/16:41.87 at 5K finish
--Jill Prentice's 5K splits: 77.6/2:38.3/3:59.2/5:22.1 at 1600m/6:43.8/8:06.3/9:28.6/10:10.6 at 3K/10:55.1 at 3200M/12:25.5/13:54.3/15:26.8/16:59.3/17:437.47 at 5K finish
---Matt Llano's 5K Splits:  63.9/2:10.0/3:16.4/4:23.5 at 1600M/5:31.6/6:42.2/7:54.4/9:08.3 at 3200M/10:24.7/11:35.5/12:49.4/14:01.7 at 3 miles/14:34.18 (1st) (M's 5K RESULTS)
---Ran Lee's 5K Splits: 68.6/2:19.7/3:40.3/4:41.9 at 1600M/5:51.4/7:02.0/8:15.0/9:29.0 at 3200M/10:42.0/11:53.5/13:05.4/14:12.4 at 3 miles/14:344.67 (4th)

---Andrew Benford's 3K Steeple Splits: 66.8/2:16.2/3:25.9/4:36.0 at 1600M/5:46.7/6:56.4/8:09.6/8:46.12 (2nd...also broke previous Meet Record and Facility Record) (M's 3KSC RESULTS)
---Nicol Traynor's 3K Steeple Splits: 1:19.3/2:40.6/3:59.7/5:24.6 at 1600M/-/-/10:11.20 (2nd...also broke previous Meet Record and Facility Record) (W's 3KSC RESULTS)
---Missing Jenn Ennis and Molly Parson's splits

---Alli Mannon's 800M Splits: 31./65.8/1:38.3/2:14.11 (7th Heat #2)
---Andi DeFonce's 800M Splits:  31.0/65.0/1:38.3/2:14.66 (1st Heat #1)
---Alyson McGonigle's 800M Splits: 31.8/66.5/1:41.2/2:16.52 (5th Heat #1)

---Jon Wilson's 10K Splits: 72.0/70.0/70.8/71.2 (4:44.5 at 1600M)/ 71.4/71.1/71.9/71.8 (9:30.9 at 3200M)/74.8/71.9/78.0/74.4 (14:32.5 at 3 Miles)/15:06.1 at 5K-72.8/72.3/71.0/73.6 (19:20.8)/73.9/73.8/75.0/75.7 (24:19.4=5 miles)/76.1/74.6/75.3/73.9 (29:19.3=6 Mi)/68.9 at 10K=30:28.70 (4th) (M's 10K RESULTS)
---Chris York's 10K Splits: 72.0/70.0/71.3/71.2 (4:44.5 at 1600M)/71.9/70.9/73.2/74.7 (9:36.0 at 3200M)/73.9/74.5/75.9/77.7 (14:38.2 at 3 Miles)/15:12.1 at 5K-78.0/76.2/77.4/78.1 (19:48.5)/77.9/76.7/78.7/78.0 (24:59.8=5 miles)/78.9/78.0/77.5/76.6 (30:10.2=6 Mi)/75.6 at 10K=31:25.71 (9th)
---Tim Quinn's 10K Splits: 72.1/72.0/71.3/71.3 (4:44.8 at 1600M)/ 71.5/71.1/71.8/71.8 (9:30.9 at 3200M)/73.5/73.3/77.8/74.3 (14:30.8 at 3 Miles)/15:06.1 at 5K-72.8/72.1/71.1/73.3 (19:20.3 at 4 miles)/74.9/74.7/76.8/---Did Not Finish due to broken bone in foot...
---Julie Rechel placed 3rd (35:31.55) and also broke the A-10 Meet record of 35:40.68 and the Charlotte Facility record of 35:59.36...Julie Rechel (3rd-35:31.55), Beth Kelly (7th-36:38.29) and Erin Lunny (10th-37:20.33) in the W's 10K at the A-10 Championships...
4X800M RELAY SPLITS (9:01.63-8th place)
---Alli Mannon's 4x800M Splits (Leg#1): 63.5/1:35.6/2:12.8 split 
---Alyson McGonigle's 4x800M Splits: 30.9/63.8/1:37.7/2:13.7 split
---Andi DeFonce's 4x800M Splits: 31.3/64.5/1:38.3/2:15.5 split
 ---Amanda Lineberry's 4x800M Splits: 30.9/64.2/1:40.3/2:17.4 split (Total=9:01.63)
Women Take Third As Van Alstine Wins Top Track Honor, Men Ninth

The Spiders third-place finish on the women's side is the program's best since back-to-back seconds in 2006 and 2007.

By Mike DeGeorge

May 8, 2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Senior Amy Van Alstine won both the 1,500m and the 5,000m events on Sunday and was named the A-10 Championship Women's Track Most Outstanding Performer as the Richmond women finished third overall at the 2011 Track & Field Championship. The men's team took home ninth.
Van Alstine set both the school and meet record in taking home the 1,500m title Sunday, winning in a time of 4:19.38 - the first sub-4:20 time in league history. She followed that victory up later Sunday afternoon by winning gold in the 5,000m in 16:39.56 en route to the program's first-ever Most Outstanding Track Performer award.
Nicol Traynor (16:41.87) was right behind Van Alstine in the 5,000m as the Spiders went 1-2 in the event. Jill Prentice took home 10th (17:37.47).

Van Alatine stands as the first-ever Spider to win the women's 5,000m and is Richmond's third all-time women's 1,500m champion after Ruth Chege won it in 2002 and 2003.
Senior Matt Llano also claimed the victory in the men's 5,000m, leading wire-to-wire and becoming the second Spider in three years to win that event after senior Andrew Benford was the A-10 champion in 2009. Freshman Ryan Lee closed hard to claim fourth in this year's 5,000m (14:44.36).


Roush Takes Javelin, Howard Wins Discus On Day One Of A-10 Championship

The Spider women are in third place after Saturday's action.

By Mike DeGeorge


May 7, 2011
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Senior Monica Howard broke the Atlantic 10 record in winning the discus and senior Heather Roush allowed the Spiders to win the javelin for the eighth year in a row as the first day of the A-10 Outdoor Track & Field Championship concluded on Saturday.
Day 1 Results    /  Coach Taylor's Twitter

The Richmond women are in third-place after Day One with 62.5 points, just seven points shy of leader Charlotte. On the men's side, the Spiders are eighth with 13.5 points.

Howard shattered the meet record with her discus mark of 49.86m, while Roush was third in the discus with a throw of 46.07m.

Roush gave the Spiders another win on Saturday, taking the javelin for third-straight year with her mark of 44.91m. It's the eighth-consecutive year a Richmond woman has won the javelin at the A-10 Outdoor Championship.

Richmond continued its big day in the field events as Meaghan McGovern took second in the hammer throw (55.85m), while Howard finished eighth (46.95m). X'auntasia Johnson was fourth in long jump (5.57m) and Grace Gibson was sixth in pole vault (3.40m).

On the track, Nicol Traynor took the silver medal in the 3,000m steeplechase with her time of 10:11.20, while Jenn Ennis was sixth (10:42.10). In the 10,000m, Julie Rechel took third in a time of 35.31.55 and was followed by Beth Kelly in seventh (36:38.29).


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