Wednesday, September 21, 2011

20 Questions with...Jason Skipper

Jason Skipper has showed much improvement this fall.
He lead the Spiders in the first
two meets of the season. 
This past weekend he placed 2nd
in the William & Mary Inv. running 25:08 for 5 miles

Throughout the 2011 season we will be bringing you either a set of 20 questions from a Spider cross country squad member or an article focusing on a student-athlete from this year’s team. In our continuing series...This week we spoke with Spider Junior, Jason Skipper...

Q: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when moving from high school cross country to running in college?
JS: The intensity level of the training was definitely a big change.

Q: What is your intended or declared major and why?
JS: I am a double major in business and history. History because I love it and business because it is a useful degree to have in today’s world. If I have time I would like to throw in a concentration in arts management as well.

Q: What is the most unusual, creative or challenging workout you've ever run at practice?
JS: The most challenging workout I have done is probably 1k repeats over hurdles (for the 3K steeplechase). It is a great workout and fun, but your legs are dead at the end of it.

Q: What team or individual performance are you most proud of?
JS:  It’s easily winning the Atlantic 10 championships last year as a team. It the first one in program history, and it was something that we were all working for. The fact that all of us went into it with that goal and got the championship by everyone laying it all on the line was amazing.

Q: What is the coolest part of being a member of the Richmond cross country team?
JS:  I would have to say having people around me that are just as focused and determined as I am. It’s awesome having people around me who have that mindset in the classroom and at practice.

Q: What is the hardest part of being on the Richmond cross country team?
JS:  The time commitment can be difficult at times. It’s not easy missing classes, but in the end its worth it and makes you establish good habits.

Q: What advice would you give a new runner?
JS: Just to stay with it. If you are starting from essentially nothing, you will probably be sore for a few weeks. But if you work yourself into it gradually then your body will adapt and you will start seeing the benefits from it.

Q: What have you learned from cross country that has helped you in other aspects of your life?
JS:  It has taught me that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. Its cliché, but I would not be where I am now without them.

Q: Do you have a favorite sports movie?
JS:  Its close between The Replacements and Hoosiers.

Q: What animal would best describe you?
JS:  Either a Gazelle or Puma.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Richmond?
JS:  Last year I would go to Mexico’s and Mary Angela’s all the time with people on the team and especially Amy Van Alstine.
Q: If you were listening to your iPod right now, what would be playing?
JS:  Right now I really like Folding Chair by Regina Spektor and Repeat by David Guetta and Jessie J.

Q: Describe your dream job?
JS:  I would love to be a curator at a large museum in a major metropolitan area.

Q: What’s number one on your bucket list and why?
JS:  Travel the world. I love traveling and I want to see as much as I can. Running is actually a great way to do that too.

Q: What are your goals for this season?
JS:  My main goal for this season is to be All-Conference and finish in the top 30 at regional's.

Q: What is your favorite sport outside of cross-country or track and field?
JS:  Football. GO BILLS!

Q: What motivates you to run and compete?
JS:  The thought that I can always do better and improve. Good better best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better is your best.

Q: Outside of running, what do you enjoy?
JS:  Spending time with friends and family, reading, and watching movies.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know...
JS:  I am a pretty good dancer.

Q: If you had the choice to travel either forward or backward in time, which would you choose? Why?
JS:  Back in time. Living through history changing events and already knowing the outcomes would be awesome. Plus, seeing first hand could clear up historical inaccuracies.

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