Tuesday, September 13, 2011

20 Questions with...Stephanie Paradis

Throughout the 2011 season we will be bringing you either a set of 20 questions from a Spider cross country squad member or an article focusing on a student-athlete from this year’s team. 

In our first crack at 2011,  RichmondSpiders.com talked with Junior Stephanie Paradis (Leesburg, VA) who won the Spider Alumni Open on September 3rd leading the Spiders to victory over William & Mary (Here is a link to her video interview following the race.):

RichmondSpiders.com (RS): Why did you first decide to become a runner?

SP: I decided to run track my freshmen year of high school because I wanted to do an after school activity and 3 of my best friends were running.

RS: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when moving from high school cross country to running in college?

SP: The amount of rest that I got as well as the amount of miles we ran.

RS: What did it feel like to win the 2011 Spider Alumni Open?

SP:  It felt amazing! It was the first race that I won in college and that definitely heightened my confidence.

RS: What is the most unusual or creative workout you've ever run at practice?

SP:  In high school we did 200 meter relay workouts and I thought that was really creative and fun.

RS: What team or individual performance are you most proud of?

SP: I am really proud of being a part of the A-10's championship last year. The positive spirit was everywhere, especially because the men's team also won.

RS: Where is your favorite place to run?

SP:  I love to run in trails because they are always different and the scenery is great.

RS: What is your favorite Virginia tradition?

SP:  I am not exactly sure what this question means, but I love that you are allowed to wear jewelry while racing in Virginia college races.

RS: What is the coolest part of being a member of the Richmond cross country team?

SP:  I love being a part of a team that has a fantastic reputation. I also love having people that are faster than me so that I can work with them to become a faster runner.

RS: What is the hardest part of being on the Richmond cross country team?

SP: I think the hardest part is the training. It requires a lot of time.

RS: What advice would you give a new runner?

SP: I would advise them to think positively and always think that they can do it. if they do that, they will definitely give it their all.

RS: What have you learned from cross country that has helped you in other aspects of your life?

SP:  I have learned to manage my food intake as well as my sleep.

RS: Do you have a favorite sports movie?

SP:  I like the "blind side".

RS: Where is your favorite place to eat in Richmond?

SP:  I like to eat at the cheese cake factory.

RS: What are you listening to on your iPod right now?

SP:  I am not listening to anything right now.

RS: Do you have any race-day superstitions?

SP:  Not really... I know I do well with "pep-talks" and I know that getting nervous doesn't benefit me.

RS: What are your goals for this season?

SP:  My goal is to be a part of the All-Region team

RS: What is your favorite sport outside of cross-country or track and field?

SP:  Volleyball
RS: What motivates you to run and compete?

SP:  People racing around me and cheering.

RS: Outside of running, what do you enjoy to do?

SP:  I like to spend time with my family and friends.

RS: If you had the choice to travel either forward or backward in time, which would you choose? Why?

SP:  I would choose to travel backward in time because I could re-live the great moments of my life and I could also improve/correct what i have done wrong.

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