Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blanchard's Coffee Co. of Richmond, VA

Giving to the community...
one cup at a time...

Richmond Track & Field Alum ('02), David Blanchard,
shown here with his daughters...
along with his wife, Kelly

are the founders of Richmond based

In the fall of 2001, Lori and I arrived on the University of Richmond campus to oversee the track & field and cross country programs as the head coaches. One of the first athletes we met on the on the Spider’s team was a standout middle distance runner by the name of David Blanchard. As the season progressed we quickly realized he was an excellent team leader…Leading through his performance (running 1:52 in the 800M) on and off the track.

Blanchard graduated the following spring (2002) and entered the professional business world. A few short years later he shared a longtime dream with his wife, Kelly… to start a coffee company.

When their coffee roaster arrived in January of 2005, “Blanchard’s Coffee Co.” was born. Their business has grown…from a mail order coffee of the month club to a company with sales in over 14 businesses throughout the Richmond area, including the 25 Ukrop’s (soon to be Martin’s) store locations.

An avid running enthusiast, Blanchard and his wife chose to support the Monument Avenue 10K this spring and its designated charity...the Massy Cancer Center. Now one of the largest 10K races in the world, it attracted over 37,000 runners to the streets of Richmond on March 27th.

It was a cold morning and coffee was exactly what the runners were looking for. The Blanchard's sold their coffee...and sold it they did...nearly 85 Gallons in all with 100% of the proceeds contributed to the Massey Cancer Center.

"The 10k was a great experience for us. It is always fulfilling when the work you are doing is for a great cause...a redefinition of profit, if you will? It was an exhausting day, but giving to help fight cancer was a great end to the day." ---David Blanchard, Owner

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Below is an article as it appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch detailing the Blanchard’s contribution to the Massey Cancer Center.

From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Vignettes from the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K

Vic Dorr JR., Emily C. Dooley, and Luz Lazo
Published: March 28, 2010

David Blanchard might have been the most popular individual in Monroe Park before and shortly after the start of yesterday's race.

Blanchard, the owner of Blanchard's Coffee Co., was offering steaming cups of coffee -- "our regular breakfast blend" -- for sale on an unseasonably cold morning. Lines of customers formed early and never seemed to shrink.

"We can't keep up" with the demand, Blanchard said. "We'll be brewing and pouring for six straight hours. We'll sell every cup of coffee we can make."

And they made a lot. Blanchard performed a quick mental calculation: "Let's see -- three brewers brewing seven pots an hour. That's 21 pots multiplied by six hours. That's about 70 gallons of brewed coffee." An after-the-fact assessment put the total closer to 150 pots and 85 gallons. The suggested price: $1 per cup.

This was not entrepreneurial foresight. What is was, was philanthropy. Said Blanchard: "All of the money we make today -- and I mean, all of it; every dollar -- is going to the Massey Cancer Center," the race's designated charity.

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