Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mt SAC Relays...Day 1 (Travel Day)

Our Travel Day to Los Angeles...and the sites of Hollywood.

The Hollywood Sign from near the Ford Theatre.

As is normal for our flights across the country, we had an early departure. We were out the door at 4:30AM…and then to campus to pickup Levi Grandt, Dana Guglielmo, Tim Quinn and Amy Van Alstine. Both Tim and Levi will run the 10K and Dana will run the 3K steeplechase on Thursday night. Amy will be our lone competitor on Friday night as she competes in the 5K.

After a little delay on campus we were off to the airport and checked in with our airline. Even though we arrived 70 minutes before our flight and no one was in line the folks working the ticket counter made sure to tell us we were late. And here I thought we were early…what was I thinking?

Tim Quinn, Amy Van Alstine, Dana Guglielmo and Levi Grandt
Amy Van Alstine and the "Elmo from Hell"...2 years later.

We landed in Los Angeles after a delay in Atlanta and headed into Beverly Hills and Hollywood for lunch. What a place Hollywood is! I could sit there and “people watch” all day. Let’s just say…there is never a lack of odd things to see. A few of the photos here are funny with an inside joke behind them…

First, Amy Van Alstine and the Hollywood Elmo go back a couple years. We did not realize when we were here in 2008 that these “characters” earn a living by posing with tourists. You get your picture taken with them and then they expect to be paid for their effort of posing with you. And they do make good money…One of our alumni lived here for a few years and got to know one of these men that dressed up as Superman who reported that he makes $80,000 per year posing for photos with tourists…and since the tourists pay in cash, well it’s tax free money…Anyway, 2 years ago, Amy posed with the Hollywood “Elmo from Hell” as we call him…As she walked away he became rather aggressive and insistent that she pay him. So now…we are a little wiser to the ways of the Hollywood streets :).

Tim Quinn, Levi Grandt, Dana Guglielmo and Amy Van Alstine
outside the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Hollywood Elvis and Elmo from Hell...
"Hollywood"..."Rock-n-Roll" are the cue words that Elvis says
before every single picture he poses for.

Levi Grandt and a Merilyn Monroe look-a-like...
Although we loved the photo...
Let's just say her body guard wasn't pleased with
Levi running his hands through her hair.

Lori, Luke and Justin Timberlake...At least kinda.

Amy trying to get Dana to go over to Spongebob...
Spongebob seemed a little too happy...

We had lunch and then fought traffic to our hotel in Pomona, CA which is just down the street from the Mt. San Antonio College (SAC) Relays track. Our team members stretched and did a workout. As we finished-up… USA Olympian, Anna Willard also finished her workout.

We proceeded directly to dinner…and Italian restaurant by the name of D' Antonio's‎ again this year. Good food...which served its purpose. The races get started for us tonight with Dana Guglielmo in the Olympic Development 3K steeple scheduled to start at 6:45PM (PST)... Tim Quinn is in the Invitational M's 10K at 7:40PM and Levi Grandt is in the Open 10K scheduled for 10:00PM…all PST.

More later…

Dana and Amy at the Mt. SAC Track for their workout.

Tim and Levi doing their prerace workout.

Lori...always recruiting.

Tim and Dana...finishing with HMD's

Amy taking care of her drills.

Luke at the track.

USA Olympian, Anna Willard getting ready.

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