Thursday, April 15, 2010

NCAA Legislation Update

Some Big Changes Coming from the NCAA

During their annual meeting on April 12 & 13, 2010, the NCAA passed several pieces of legislation. Two of those…Proposal No. 2009-32-B and Proposal No. 2009-79-B will potentially have an impact on track & field and cross country coaches when implemented.

This is an incomplete article about NEW legislation that was voted on yesterday and today (April 12 & 13, 2010):
NCAA News Release

As coaches we are most happy with the adoption of Proposal No. 2009-32-B which allows unlimited phone calls during contact periods. It is not yet effective, but would begin in August for track & field/cross country coaches among others. Obviously, we are all very happy about this legislation since it will eliminate the “1 phone call per week” limit to recruits and allow coaches to make unlimited calls to a specific recruit. And more importantly, it will eliminate the requirement for college coaches to maintain a phone log of every recruiting call made. Yea!!!!

The second proposal --Proposal No. 2009-79-B---will impact several sports during their nonchampionship segment. Within the link of adopted legislation it says:

“-Adopted proposals limiting transportation in the nonchampionship segment in several sports to ground transportation, unless there is no Division I institution within 400 miles.”

This proposal means schools that sponsor a cross country team but DO NOT sponsor track & field will be limited in their travel outside of the cross country season (ie- during track season)… It will seriously impact a few A-10 schools that have only XC teams (ie- no track season).

Specifically, 2009-79-A did not allow for an exception, but on the official ballot it would have been moved AFTER 2009-79-B. So, once 2009-79-B was passed, they didn’t even try for A or C. C was the specific exception for Hawaii. 2009-79-D, which called for the elimination of the nonchampionship segment all together was never moved in January meetings by the NCAA..

I have grave concerns over this legislation (Specifically Proposed 2009 NCAA Legislation…2009-79-A, B, C and D ) as outlined in my December Blog post:

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