Friday, April 30, 2010

Atlantic 10 Championships-DAY #2 (Premeet Day)

Part of the team stretching the day before
the Atlantic 10 Championships at the UMASS track.

The team was able to sleep in this morning before breakfast at 10:00AM. The distance runners went out for a shakeout run before breakfast while everyone else had breakfast. Although several of our team members were finishing papers and tests, the morning was pretty laid back for most of our team with nothing scheduled until 12:00PM when we headed for lunch and then to the track and field facility at UMASS in Amherst…

Throwers...Meaghan McGovern, Heather Roush and Monica Howard.

Senior, Chris Eccelston..Richmond's school record holder in the modern javelin.
Julie Rechel will run the 10K tomorrow morning.

We stopped along the way to the track at a location that included several restaurants and a Whole Foods Market. After a quick lunch we arrived at the facility and our team went through their pre-competition routine. After a couple hours it was time to head back to the hotel and relax before dinner at 6:00PM.

Senior, Heather Roush loosening up in the discus.

Two years ago we were here for the A-10 Championships and found a small Italian restaurant down the street about a mile for the hotel. We preordered our food and picked it up to bring back to a meeting room here at the hotel. It saved a lot of time and allowed our athletes to relax at the hotel this evening while our staff headed to the coaches technical meeting.

Diana Filtz (JR), Alyssa Mankin (SR), Lydia Morton (FR) and Stephanie Paradis (FR).

The coaches’ meeting was exceptionally long tonight but it eventually ended and we returned to the hotel for a team meeting to handout numbers and to make sure everyone knows the bus schedule for tomorrow since the meet starts early with the W’s Discus, W’s Heptathlon and the M’s and W’s 10K races and goes late into the early evening.

Tre Graham, Darrian Carmicheal, Michael Parker, Justin Rogers and Jon Thompson who are also members of our Spiders Football team
will run the sprints and the 4x100M relay.

Molly McGrath (FR), Meghan Hart (FR), Megan Ney (SR) and Coach L. Taylor

Here is a list of athletes we have competing and the events they will compete in over the next two days:

1. Berry, Emma (10K)
2. Caporelli, Amanda (LJ, 4x100M alt)
3. Cottle, Jasmine (4x100M, 4x400M?)
4. Defonce, Andi (4x800M, 800M, 4x400M)
5. Filtz, Diana (1500M, 4x800M?)
6. Guglielmo, Dana (3K SC, 1500M)
7. Hart, Meghan (Heptathlon)
8. Howard, Monica (DT, HT, JT, SP)
9. Johnson, X’auntasia (LJ, TJ, 4x100M)
10. Kelly, Beth (4x800M, 5K)
11. Lunny, Erin (10K)
12. Mankin, Alyssa (800M, 4x800M)
13. McGovern, Meaghan (HT)
14. McGrath, Molly (Hept, 4x400M, HJ)
15. Morton, Lydia (1500M, 4x800M)
16. Ney, Megan (HJ, TJ, LJ, 4x100M, 4x400M)
17. Paradis, Stephanie (4x800M, 800M, 4x400M)
18. Rechel, Julie (10K)
19. Roush, Heather (DT, JT)
20. Sykes, Rachel (5K)
21. Ubiwa, JoAnna (4x100M)
22. Van Alstine, Amy (5K)
1. Carmichael, Darrian (200M, 4x100M alt)
2. Cassels, Devin (Pole Vault)
3. Eccleston, Chris (Javelin Throw)
4. Graham, Garrett (3K SC, 1500M)
5. Graham, Tremayne (4x100M-Leg #4, 100M, 200M)
6. Grandt, Levi (5K)
7. Llano, Matt (10K, 5K)
8. Mello, Matt (400M, 4x800M-Leg #2, 4x400M-Leg #2)
9. Parker, Michael (4x100M-Leg #1)
10. Petrakis, Mike (4x800M-Leg #3, 1500M)
11. Quinn, Tim (10K, 5K)
12. Rachman, Steve (400M, 4x400M-Leg #1, 4x800M-Leg #1)
13. Rogers, Justin (4x100M-Leg #2, 100M)
14. Spatacco, Adam (4x800M-Leg #4, 1500M)
15. Thompson, Jon (4x100M-Leg #3, 100M)
16. York, Chris (10K)

Micheal Parker practicing his start for the 4x100M on Sunday.

Mike Petrakis (FR), Adam Spatacco (FR), and Steve Rachman (SO)
practicing 4x800M relay exchanges.

Our pasta dinners came from Primo Pizzeria...very good.

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